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Yateley Barber Lounge was brought to life in January 2011 to bring a new concept of barbering and grooming to the surrounding area.

Situated in Yateley as part of The Parade, Yateley Barber Lounge is your friendly salon for hair and grooming. 

Our staff are fully qualified and between them have all the tools and knowledge to ensure we meet the needs of every client and give you your desired tailor-made service. 

No job is too big or small so whether you just want your eyebrows trimmed or a full hair restyle, get yourself down to Yateley Barber Lounge today and give yourself a treat.

If you're interested in combining freshening up your hair with topping up your tan then we've also got sunbeds on offer and for those that are bringing a little one along we've got a kids areas complete with an Xbox to keep them entertained.

We look forward to meeting you


Wet Shaving

Here at Yateley Barber Lounge we offer a luxurious traditional wet shave, Before any wet shave commences, a consultation will be carried out by the stylist to define the client’s skin type and whether there are any contra-indications that may affect the service. 

  1. At the start of the shave, the face is massaged with a pre-shave cream to cleanse and exfoliate the skin so it is prepared for the next stage. Then a hot towel is placed over the face to open the pores and make the facial hair easier to shave.
  2. At this stage, shaving cream is applied and massaged into the facial hair to create a lather that lifts the hair away from the face resulting in a closer shave.
  3. Now the shave takes place, depending on the client’s skin, a range of products are used to suit, clients can have a full clean shave or have their beard shaped into the desired style.
  4. After the shave is complete, a cold towel is placed over the face to close the pores. The face is then massaged with one of our sumptuous moisturizers, again depending on the client’s skin type. This process leaves the skin moisturized and smooth.
  5. At the end of the shave, a splash of one of our many aftershaves will be added so the client is ready for their special occasion.

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